Why WealthVisor?

Why WealthVisor?

Our mission is simple: Provide a comprehensive destination that makes it easy to find outstanding professionals who have an impact on your money. Financial planners, tax preparers and insurance agents all help you navigate the path to stability and security. On the Internet, it’s easy to find reviews of plumbers or discover a new sushi restaurant, but where do you turn to find someone to help you manage your money and your future? Previously, it was hard to know where to begin your search for this kind of professional and knowing who to choose to plan your future has been like rolling the dice. At WealthVisor, we provide unprecedented access to information and reviews to help you identify the best professionals for your situation.

Arming you with information

WealthVisor provides a single source of information about insurance, tax and finance professionals and firms so that you can research, find and connect with the best local professionals. You can search for professionals by name, company name, location, or expertise and refine your search by parameters that are important to you and your family.

Ratings & reviews from people like you

On Wealthvisor you will find ratings and reviews of professionals written by current or former clients. Selecting a professional is an important decision, so we encourage people to share their real experiences and offer suggestions to help others make better decisions. We pride ourselves on our internal authentication process to ensure the validity and value of every review.

Answers from experts

With WealthVisor Q&A, you can ask questions directly of the experts and receive advice directly from the professionals themselves. Submit your questions via WealthVisor Q&A and you’ll get answers from financial, insurance or tax professionals with different philosophies and backgrounds, all of whom have experience advising people just like you.

Why should professionals create a profile on WealthVisor?

Consumers no longer rely just on friends and family for advice. Because online research and reviews are the primary sources influencing consumers’ decisions today, your perception in the online marketplace is more important now than ever. Our listings are optimized for Google, Bing and other major search engines, so creating a profile on Wealthvisor puts you in front of new clients immediately.

Thousands of potential clients visit WealthVisor every day to research and find local financial, insurance and tax professionals. If you are a professional who has an impact on a consumer’s financial life, we welcome your participation.

Create your free profile on Wealthvisor today. Start by adding your contact information, uploading a photo, highlighting your services and expertise, and linking your social profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Why was WealthVisor created?

In 2008, the financial markets were hitting historical lows and consumers’ trust in financial services was greatly damaged. Newspapers regularly reported a steady stream of negative stories about abuse, fraud and bad behaviors by both professionals and firms in the financial services industry. However, studies also showed that many people felt they needed advice. So, how could people find someone they trust to help manage their money, obtain appropriate insurance or prepare their taxes? And how could people find the best person or company for their specific needs? Increasingly, people turn to the Internet and social media to find information. However, while there are a number websites that enable people to get information on doctors, plumbers or real estate agents, there is an enormous gap when it comes to finding information about professionals who can have a significant impact on their financial life. These were the problems that Chip Treverton, our original founder, started to explore that led to the creation of WealthVisor.

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Our users, both professionals and consumers, are our number one priority. If you have questions, comments or suggestions as to how improve the site, contact us at support@wealthvisor.com.