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A Michael Adams

President and Principal

Adams Financial Concepts, LLC

Seattle, WA

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We strive to build and maintain wealth for our clients with superior performance given returns commensurate with risks. We are compensated exclusively by fees paid by our clients, based on the total assets in the client accounts. In essence, the only way in which we get paid more is when the investment portfolios of our clients increase. Check our website for actual performance of client accounts.
Each investment portfolio is created specifically to meet the client objectives. We work in the

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Investment Management, Alternative Investments, Retirement Planning

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  • Carnegie Mellon University

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  • Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor
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President and Principal Adams Financial Concepts LLC

2005 —  Present

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It is a good question and a terrible question. Certainly as an investor you should know what you are being charged. But I believe too many investors focus on the cost and not the performance. Through the period of 2008-2010 fees for many financial advisors have shrunk and deservedly so. Why should an investor pay much for poor or mediocre performance?

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It really depends on your financial advisor. I have structured my business so that I can easily review holdings in portfolios several times a day. I build portfolios from stocks and bonds being careful not to de-worsify them in the name of diversification. by varying the percentages of holdings every one of my clients has a custom designed portfolio but every one containing many of the same stocks and bonds. Changes when made are then made across the spectrum of client portfolios only when change needs to be made. Some stocks have been in portfolios for 15 years; others a few months. My stated goal is to do better than the benchmark (for example: the S&P 500) over the longer-term of 5 to 10 years.

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Most financial advisors work with clients who are like them. My clients tend to be like me. They want more than to lower risk and increase reward. They want to build wealth, even if they are already wealthy. They really like to win. They want to “beat the market” over the longer-term. They do not ever want to be poor again. They want avoid regrets when they lose money. They want to leave a financial legacy for their children and grandchildren. They do not want to leave their estate to the US government.

Clients tend to choose advisors that are like themselves.

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Putting my interest first -- the only recognized value of an investment advisor

As a longtime client, I have been extremely satisfied with AFC?s performance. I have been both pleased and relieved that Mike Adams has skillfully handled our money during several turbulent economic periods over th ...
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