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David Tirpak, CLTC, CASL®

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Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance

In Addition To Above, Evaluating Medicare Options
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Licenses & Credentials
  • Certified Long-Term Care
  • Chartered Advisor for Senior Living
  • Licensed Health Insurance Agent
  • Licensed Life Insurance Agent

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“Financial Advisor” can be a pretty vague term. Is a “Financial Advisor” an accountant who also provides some advice or is he or she a licensed professional? To ADVISE on insurance products, one must have the appropriate state licenses.To ASSIST, could simply mean pointing someone in the right direction and/or to the right professional. I am an insurance professional. If my clients have tax questions, I can assist by referring them to my accountant. If my clients have legal questions, I can assist by referring them to my lawyer. My accountant and my lawyer assist their clients by referring life and health insurance questions to me.With all three of these fields, partly because of their complexity, it simply is unacceptable for a true professional to advise about an area they are not properly licensed and trained.

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Although you did not mention the type of policy you are referring to, this question most frequently comes up when people are asking about life insurance or long-term care insurance. In both cases, there are policies that require you to pay premiums for the rest of your life. There are also limited pay policies (for example, 10 year or 20 year) as well as single pay (one lump sum) options. The right plan for you is determined mutually between you and your agent based upon your particular goals and circumstances.

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It depends partly on the type of policy you are referring to and/or the insurance company. My colleague already addressed essentially what can be expected from life insurance. Long-term care insurance will typically stay the same yearly although companies reserve the right to increase the premiums in the future for an entire class or book of business. Individual (under 65) health insurance almost assuredly will increase yearly. Medicare Supplement policies will typically increase yearly although you might be pleasantly surprised one year and experience no increase.

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