Larry W. Farmbry

Larry W. Farmbry


L. W. Farmbry & Associates

Philadelphia, PA

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7300 City Ave, Ste 220

Philadelphia, PA 19151-2218

L. W. Farmbry and Associates provides professional investment advice, including homeowners and auto insurance, health insurance, stock and bond trades, mutual funds, and fee-based asset management for individuals and small businesses. Larry W. Farmbry also owns Jackson Hewitt chains throughout Philadelphia.

Services Provided by Larry W. Farmbry

Financial Planning, Investment Management, Alternative Investments, Estate Planning, College Planning, Retirement Planning, Charitable Giving, Annuities, Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Estate and Trust Taxes, Bookkeeping, Business Owner Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, Foreign Income Taxes

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Licenses & Credentials
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Chartered Financial Consultant
Previous Work Experience

CFP, ChFC L. W. Farmbry & Associates

1981 —  Present

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