Lee Ciardella, CPA

Lee Ciardella, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

Ciardella & Associates Ltd

Arlington Heights, IL

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415 W Golf Rd, Ste 49

Arlington Heights, IL 60005-3923

I am an Illinois licensed Certified Public Accountant. Additionally I am a Certified Financial Planner a Certified Senior Advisor and I hold the Accredited Business Accountant and Accredited Tax Advisor designations

Services Provided by Lee Ciardella, CPA

Financial Planning, College Planning, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, IRS Representation, Bookkeeping, Business Owner Taxes, Accounting Services

Accounting, Financial Services, Taxes
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Background Information for Lee Ciardella, CPA

Licenses & Credentials
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Certified Senior Advisor
Previous Work Experience

President Ciardella & Associates, Ltd. CPA's

1988 —  Present

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Call and ask them.

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George Sleeman: Alphabet soup after their name? Put forth the effort? Lets patronize the credentials shall we? It is a three day examination, George. What does it take to become a certified tax preparer? People who down play other’s do so because they can’t attain their status or education.

A person with a CFP or with a CPA earned those designation through education, past and continued, various requirements to maintain their licenses and experience. I would trust no one else to handle my finanaces, accounting or TAXES.

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