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Patrick based in Melbourne Florida that provide safe money advice and strategies to the stock market. I help my clients protect principle and retain their gains, grow their money, establish a tax favorable income stream and pass it on to their heirs. I assists my clients in life insurance, annuities, nonmedical life insurance, Medicare supplements, IRAs, IRA/401k rollovers, final expense, mortgage protection, retirement planning,and nontraditional family benefits.

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529 plans are great vehicles to fund higher education the alternative is the coverdale but as it does have its limitations. People have used qualified money such as 401k and traditional Ira as well as Roth Iras but there is a flaw in this plan in it negatively effects your retirement fund and could effect your taxes. The ability to fund the 529 plans is greater than any qualified plan but it there is the 10% penalty if it is not used for qualifying expenses as well as some tax implications.

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