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I have been an the financial services industry for the past twelve years and have dedicated my financial practice to developing a truly accountable and independent financial services firm that is dedicated to the best interests of our clients. Above all else, we value relationships and results that provide our clients the guarantee of conflict free and common sense wealth management and financial advisory services.

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  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • Citrus College
    Behavioral Science
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  • Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor

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  • 2006 — Who's Who In Banking & Financial Services (In Business Las Vegas)
  • 2006 — Excellence In Client Service Award (Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce)
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President  Elysien Private Wealth

2005 —  Present

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Another idea is funding a 529 college savings plan with the assets. This will get the money out of your estate and the money can grow tax deferred until it is used by your grand children. This obviously depends on if college funding is a priority, but it is a popular estate planning concept.

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The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. What state you live in, the cost basis versus value of the property, your taxable estate etc. However for a basic standpoint, you have the ability to gift out of your estate up to $5 million dollars this year. This estate planning strategy will end in 2013 and will be decreased to $1 million. This will help get assets out of your estate if you are subject to potential estate tax issues and provide a way for your children to take ownership of the property.

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It depends on the type of default. If the default is for a lapse in property tax payments or home owners association fees, then these types of concerns would not reflect on your FICO score. This is assuming the default has not lead to a personal tax lien that could affect your FICO score.

If the default is for a missed mortgage payment, the effect is substantial. While typically not as bad as a foreclosure for credit purposes, missed mortgage payments will significantly decrease your FICO.

The exact affect is not something that can be answered, as there are many variables that are taken into account. However, if you have missed mortgage payments, they will typically hurt your credit for at least two years. The longer you go from the late payment history to making timely payments, the less the effect on your credit. If you do not file bankruptcy or have a foreclosure, than usually late payments more than 2 years old will not affect your FICO score very much.

Answered over 4 years ago

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