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What is a fixed deferred annuity?

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David Tirpak, CLTC, CASL®
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By David Tirpak, CLTC, CASL® - The Tirpak Agency
Answered over 3 years ago

One of the key benefits of an annuity in general is that income is tax deferred, meaning that you only pay taxes on the money when you receive it (as compared to bank accounts or CDs where you report your income while it is still in the institution). Another benefit is that it can provide a monthly income that you cannot outlive. A deferred annuity allows you to grow your money and only pay taxes on the money you withdraw. A fixed annuity may be most appropriate for a conservative or risk-adverse investor as an alternative to a CD, bank account or, worst case, mattress or dresser drawer “investor”. Payment can be made into a fixed deferred annuity as one lump sum or periodic payments over time.

Thomas Cunningham
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By Thomas Cunningham - Self Employed
Answered about 5 years ago

A fixed differed annuity is a financial tool that offers a fixed rate of savings. They typically offer higher rates of return then CD’s. It can either help you build savings or it can protect your savings. Keep in mind that an annuity is an insurance contract. What are you insuring? Income. An example is when someone is about 10 years from retirement they may not want to be exposed to market risks or they may want to reduce the market exposure they are at. The fixed deferred annuity will guarantee a fixed rate of return and make the promise of a option to convert the principal and interest to an income stream. This can be very helpful when faced with the possibility of out living your savings.

Dennis Cherenkov
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By Dennis Cherenkov - Primerica Financial Services
Answered about 5 years ago

It is a rip-off. A bad investment. A financial product that helps insurance companies and agents make a lot of money over time, without benefiting the client much at all. In some cases annuities make a lot of sense, but in most cases they are sold by salespeople to clients who have NO NEED in them at all.

Cora Parks
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By Cora Parks - Tax Today
Answered over 5 years ago

A fixed deferred annuity

is the insurance industry’s version of a savings account. It helps you earn a modest rate of interest safely and allows you to postpone the payment of income taxes on your earnings.

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