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What is someone gets hurt in my backyard?

Asked almost 5 years ago

I know that the severity and frequency of insured perils are considered, what are the others?

Asked almost 5 years ago

Our roof was damaged from hail and was covered fully by our insurance. A check from the insurance company was made payable to me, my husband, our mortgage holder and the company we chose to replace the roof. My husband endorsed the check and gave it to the roofing company. I did not sign it and it was not endorsed by the mortgage company. The roofing company cashed the check and then filed bankruptcy (they did this to 100s of people). When we contacted our insurance agent for help in recovering the money, he said, “I am sorry for your situation, but my obligation to you has been fulfilled.” I understand we should not have given the check to the roofing company; but I expected a little support in trying to recover the money. Is this standard operating procedure for agents to not try and help when a loss such as this has occurred?

Asked about 5 years ago

How can I go about finding this out?

Asked almost 5 years ago

Should I even bother to involve the insurance company if the damage is something I can repair (a part of our fence fell down)?

Asked almost 5 years ago

Does home owners insurance cover everything in the home? A friend of mine recently had her home robbed and jewlery stolen, which made me think about what insurance we might need other than our existing home insurance.

Asked over 5 years ago

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