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What is the definition of a gift tax?

Asked almost 4 years ago

Is it best to take your pension as a lump sum or monthly, particularly if you live past the amount of the sum?

Asked over 4 years ago

Is probate only a concern for the very well off?

Asked over 5 years ago

I’m 40 years old and just received $50,000 in inheritance. I want to save and/or invest it for my retirement instead of paying off credit cards (2 cards totaling $15,000), but obviously I need to take take of my debt too. I make enough money to put about $1,500 per month towards cards the two cards. What’s the best strategy here?

Asked over 5 years ago

If I have designated beneficiaries on my accounts, do I need a will? What would happen to my assets if I don’t have a will?

Asked over 5 years ago

My father passed away and I inherited his IRA, how does it work if I want to take distributions? Can I just start taking them, or do I need to take certain steps first?

Asked over 5 years ago

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