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I want to start being more discliplined about saving money, so I want to start a habit of saving a certain amount each month. However, I have heard different rules of thumb for how much I should save or invest, what do professionals recommend?

Asked over 5 years ago

I have a 30 year old condo I was hoping to keep for retirement . Needing more maintenance more often. Mortgage is very good though and can pay for itself monthly.

Asked over 3 years ago

Have 700k in cash, money destined for heirs. Do not need monthly income from it. Market seems too volatile to gamble.
Short term corp bonds are low and iffy. Are short term CD’s best? Any other suggestions?

Asked over 3 years ago

I know there is a formula for calculating the sales price based on the PV of the future stream of payments, but can find nothing that addresses the Accumulated Distribution Deficiencies and how they affect the sales price.

Asked over 3 years ago

I am 33 yrs old and live in a rent stabilized apartment at Spanish Harlem, New York. I pay $750/monthly for 2 bedroom apartment. Electricity/Gas = $100-150/monthly. My credit card bill average $500-600/monthly. I also give $400 to my parents each month. Total monthly expenses is $1900 plus/minus ~ 23k/year

I work 2 jobs. First is a full-time job earning 78k/year, where the job is not stable. Second is a part-time job earning 23k/year, where the job is stable. After tax, insurance, etc, I bring in 62k/year.

I get to save close to 39k a year. Half of the saving is invested in stocks/mutual funds.

I am wondering if i should leave this apartment and buy, or stay and continue saving money. I have 55k in savings and 38k in stocks and mutual funds.

Asked over 3 years ago

Are there any differences in terms of how I should invest my money in a regular brokerage account versus my IRA? Are there certain type of investments that are better suited? Thoughts please!

Asked over 5 years ago

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