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Asked over 5 years ago

I was recently married and I am the one responsible for managing the money for our household, do you have any tips that would help us same money and get on the right track? Thank you!!

Asked over 5 years ago

I have heard bits and pieces of what I should be doing to make sure my financial life is in good shape, such as start an emergency fund, make sure I have a will, or start a budget. Does anyone have a recommended financial checklist with all the most important things I should consider in my financial life? I want to make sure I understand what is most important, maybe limited to the top 10 or 15 things I should think about for my money? Thank you very much.

Asked about 5 years ago

I am 54, married and have one grown child. I have several different retirement accounts (401k, brokerage accts, etc.), but don’t feel extremely prepared for retirement. My advisor is recommending an annuity, but I’m not convinced. Can someone recommend the right questions I should be asking to determine if this is truly a product I should be purchasing?

Asked over 5 years ago

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