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I want to start being more discliplined about saving money, so I want to start a habit of saving a certain amount each month. However, I have heard different rules of thumb for how much I should save or invest, what do professionals recommend?

Asked almost 6 years ago

I was recently married and I am the one responsible for managing the money for our household, do you have any tips that would help us same money and get on the right track? Thank you!!

Asked over 5 years ago

We have our tax refund and I would like to pay these three utilitie bills for a year and also our car insurance. Hopefully this will allow us to have more money on a monthly basis to put in savings.

Asked almost 5 years ago

A friend of mine was told by his tax advisor to convert his IRA to a Roth IRA, but I am not sure why…what is different and better about a Roth IRA? Is it better for everyone, or just certain types of people?

Asked over 5 years ago

Are there any differences in terms of how I should invest my money in a regular brokerage account versus my IRA? Are there certain type of investments that are better suited? Thoughts please!

Asked over 5 years ago

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